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Arkadia Fair Trade Organic Drinking Chocolate 1kg

RM 71.00

Arkadia drinking chocolate (Organic Fair Trade) is a blend that delivers on every level. Crafted and blended using ethically sourced, organic cocoa and sugar, you can feel positive about serving this drinking chocolate, and it’s not just the growers and environment that are going to be thankful. The taste brings sweetness, creaminess and cocoa all in equally indulgent measures. The cocoa has malty undertones with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut to lift the flavour profile, while offset against the earthiness of the fair trade organic cocoa. This drinking chocolate is sure to leave everyone with a smile on their face.

Total 90% Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future. Read about the ‘Hand in Hand’ program and other ingredients sourced for this product here.
Inspired by purity – this product is free of gluten, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours and artificial sweeteners. Australian certified organic and made without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Product weight: 1kg
Product box size (mm): 300x110x70