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It is certainly an exciting time for the coffee industry now that consumers increasingly care about the environment and the welfare of the third world farmers, as well as developing sophisticated taste requirements.

The Fairtrade Organic Puro Coffee brand has proudly taken socially responsible espresso marketing two steps further with a product that combines Fairtrade certified sourcing with saving the rainforest through World Land Trust (WLT).

Uniquely, 2% of money generated from the sales of Puro Fairtrade Coffee helps buy and protect precious rainforests and also ensures that third world growers get a fair and sustainable deal.

In partnership with the WLT, Puro has supported land purchase and protection in Ecuador, Borneo, Colombia and Brazil, they have helped fund a reserve ranger, and were instrumental in supporting the launch of the WLT’s first wildlife webcam.

The coffee is available in a range of hotels, cafes, restaurants and offices, as well as all National Trust sites.